Left to right: Meagan Graham, physical therapist assistant; Kristin Shores, speech therapist; Al Yanone; and Devin Harris, occupational therapist

Al Yanone had been experiencing dizziness when he fell at home.


With a history of falls and acute kidney disease, Yanone came to Life Care Center of Columbia, Tennessee, for help getting his balance and his independence back.


When Yanone arrived on July 24, 2019, he needed maximum assistance with activities of daily living such as getting dressed and taking a shower, as well as bed mobility and getting in and out of bed.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Yanone five days a week. Speech therapists taught him cognition strategies and safety awareness and helped him with attention to tasks. Occupational therapists retrained him in his ADLs, and physical therapists focused on restoring his mobility with gait training, transfer training (to get from one surface to another) and balance training.


“Al worked hard from the get-go and was very motivated to work with therapy,” said Meagan Graham, physical therapist assistant. “He never said no and always said he would try his best. I’m so happy for all of his success.”


Yanone returned home with family support on Aug. 13 at a standby assistance level for his mobility and ADLs.


“Everyone was very helpful and caring,” said Yanone. “I sincerely wish to thank all of you who are responsible for nursing me back to health, especially the therapy department. God bless you.”