Daisy White

In late July 2019, Daisy White suffered a fall that resulted in a leg fracture. Following this accident, White needed surgery and rehab services to recover.


White was admitted to Life Care Center of Columbia, Tennessee, on Aug. 2. When she arrived, White was unable to walk, dress herself or even put weight on her leg.


White’s treatment included physical, occupational and speech therapies. The therapists used transfer and cognitive training, gait improvement exercises, mobility practices and strength training with her legs and arms.


“Daisy was very motivated and willing to work hard,” said Meghan Graham, physical therapy assistant. “Her hard work allowed her to return home with her husband of 75 years. She was kind and was always willing to do her therapy.”


After her hard work in therapy, White can now walk with a walker, maneuver her own wheelchair and her mobility and cognition skills have improved. “Everything was really good,” said White.


“I loved the nursing associates that cared for me, and the therapy associates were nice and helpful.”


White returned home on Oct. 15.