Michael Morton with Joanne Tan, physical therapist, left, and Andrea Hubbard, occupational therapist

Michael Morton came to Life Care Center of Columbia, Tennessee, on May 24, 2019, for rehabilitation after an infection and a history of falls caused by spinal stenosis, a condition in which the space for the spinal cord is too narrow.


“I could not walk when I got here,” Morton remembered.


Morton also had trouble with getting in and out of bed and managing stairs.


Five days a week, Morton worked with physical and occupational therapists to regain his strength and self-care skills. Therapists used step-up exercises to help him prepare for wheelchair transfers, and they had him practice walking a lot.


“Michael was very motivated and cooperative and showed great effort in every session,” said Joanne Tan, physical therapist.


When Morton completed therapy on July 17, he was able to walk up to 335 feet at a time and was at a supervision level for bed mobility. He was at a standby assistance level for transfers.


“I can walk and step up on steps now,” said Morton. “The facility was a blessing. The staff were very friendly, fun, like family helping each other. I had a good time.”


Morton is now home with some home health assistance.