Left to right: Joanne Tan, physical therapist; Caroyn Stacy; and Devin Harris, occupational therapist

Carolyn Stacy fractured her sacrum in a fall.


As a result, she was unable to walk and had difficulty getting out of bed.


On Oct. 18, 2019, Stacy came to Life Care Center of Columbia, Tennessee, for rehabilitation to get her back on her feet. Physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with her five days a week to help her recover.


Therapists used modalities to relieve Stacy’s pelvic pain, and they led her through stretches and strengthening exercises.


“Carolyn was very pleasant, motivated and cooperative, willing to put in the hard work to achieve her goal,” said Joanne Tan, physical therapist.


“Therapy greatly helped me with being independent,” said Stacy. “I am so pleased with my stay here. The therapists and the staff have been phenomenal.”


Stacy returned home on Nov. 26, able to walk up to 300 feet at a time with modified independence. She was at a setup assistance level with transfers (such as from bed to a chair) and bed mobility.