Marjorie Patterson Quote

In September 2019, Marjorie Patterson came down with a bad case of pneumonia that left her with fluid in her lungs, resulting in difficulty walking, shortness of breath, difficulty getting out of bed and low energy for activities of any kind.


Patterson came to Life Care Center of Columbia, Tennessee, on Sept. 30, 2019, for physical, occupational and speech therapies.


Physical therapists used special exercises and equipment to strengthen Patterson’s legs, while occupational therapists focused on retraining her to complete activities of daily living like dressing and bathing. Speech therapists worked with Patterson to help reduce her shortness of breath.


After completing therapy, Patterson had improved substantially in all areas. She could walk using wall rails, get out of bed with independence and complete everyday tasks without assistance. Her shortness of breath had also been alleviated.


“I’m glad to be able to get up more and walk independently,” said Patterson.


Patterson returned home on Nov. 7.


“My time here has been good,” said Patterson. “There are good people here.”