Patricia Kay, 79, came to Life Care Center of Columbia, Tennessee, for rehabilitation after an accident with a semi-trailer truck which left her with multiple injuries.


When Kay arrived, she required assistance accomplishing every aspect of her daily routine. The accident broke both feet, a rib, two bones in her back, her neck and sternum. She was transported from Vanderbilt University Medical Center to Columbia wearing body, neck and feet braces.

Patricia Kay with Devin Harris, occupational therapist, Meagan Graham, physical therapy assistant, and Kristen Shores, speech and language pathologist.


The team of therapists focused on patient and family education such as fall-prevention training. Physical therapists emphasized core strengthening and control, balance training with safety education and training to help Kay utilize a rolling walker for the first time.


Occupational therapists used new adaptive equipment to aid Kay’s basic activities of daily life within the confines of new fractures and bracing. Occupational therapists progressed to more instrumental activities of daily living, such as training in the kitchen, as Kay progressed with weight bearing of bilateral lower extremities.


Speech therapists focused on Kay’s safety and cognition as her very independent attitude places her at a much higher risk for falls, accidents and injuries.


With intervention by the facility, Kay was able to successfully transition back home with her husband and continue her therapy on an outpatient basis.