Left to right: Devin Harris, occupational therapist; Joanne Tan, physical therapist; Donna Funke; and Megan Graham, physical therapist assistant

Donna Funke needed assistance to walk when she first came to Life Care Center of Columbia, Tennessee, on July 18, 2019.


On July 25, she was dancing in the hallway on her way home.


Funke came in weak and with decreased balance due to a heart attack, acute respiratory failure and congestive heart failure. She needed rehabilitation to recondition her, and physical and occupational therapists were able to help her do just that.


Along with traditional therapy exercises, physical therapists focused in on her balance and vestibular needs, using the Biodex Balance System SD and other tools. Occupational therapists worked with her on restoring her self-care skills.


“Donna is much stronger with better endurance during her self-care and leisure tasks,” shared Devin Harris, occupational therapist.


"I came in with pressure in my chest and weak,” said Funke. “Now I get up and go on my own. You guys are all five stars – [my rehab stay] was the most wonderful experience. I would recommend Life Care to everyone. They know their stuff.”