Left to right: Devin Harris, occupational therapist; Terri Hildenbrandt; and Joanne Tan, physical therapist

Life Care Center of Columbia, Tennessee, was a place of healing for Terri Hildenbrandt.


When Hildenbrandt developed encephalopathy with shortness of breath and a decline in her condition, she came to the rehab and skilled nursing center on Nov. 15, 2019, for help in getting her independence back. She was limited in how far she could walk and needed standby assistance for transfers and bed mobility. She was also experiencing confusion


Physical, occupational and speech therapists did their part to help Hildenbrandt meet her goals. While speech therapists addressed her thinking with cognitive strategies, physical and occupational therapists worked with her on strengthening exercises and increasing her activity tolerance.


“Terri was very cooperative, motivated and hard working to achieve her goals,” said Joanne Tan, physical therapist.


Hildenbrandt returned home on Nov. 26, after just a week and a half of therapy. She is now independent in her mobility and activities of daily living and thinking more clearly again.


“Therapy helped me be more independent and believe in myself,” said Hildenbrandt. “Everyone has been great.”