Knoxie Goad with Joanne Tan, physical therapist

After breaking her right leg in a fall and having hip surgery, Knoxie Goad came to Life Care Center of Columbia, Tennessee, for rehabilitation.


When Goad arrived on Sept. 12, 2019, she needed quite a bit of help to roll over in bed and transfer from one surface to another. She also needed help with memory and problem solving as a result of anesthesia from her hip surgery.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Goad seven days a week to help her reach her goal of returning home. Therapists targeted her hip musculature and worked on balance, safety, strength, walking and home safety.


“Knoxie was very motivated and cooperative with therapy and continues to give her best every day in order to show improvement,” said Joanne Tan, physical therapist.


Goad met her goals and was able to return home with home health on Sept. 25. She is able to walk about 200 feet at a time now.


“I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me,” Goad said. “I can walk now, unlike before. I feel stronger, and now I can even wash and take a shower by myself.”